Frequently Asked Questions

What is Share Everywhere?
Share Everywhere provides a way for patients to share their medical information with the people who are taking care of them, even if a care provider doesn’t have access to an EHR. Using the MyChart website or a MyChart mobile account, patients can generate a share code and provide it to the person they want to share their health data with. This might be a doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, dentist, or school nurse, for example. The share code recipient enters that code and the patient’s date of birth on the Share Everywhere website to receive one-time, temporary access to the patient’s health information. The person who views this information can also write a note back to the patient’s health system to help keep them informed of the care they provided.
What information can the share code recipient see?
The person who receives the share code can see a subset of the same information the patient can see in their own MyChart account, including medications, allergies, health issues, immunizations, care gaps, lab results, medical history, visit records, and code status. If the patient’s health system hasn’t made a particular part of the chart available to the patient in MyChart, it also won’t be available in Share Everywhere.
Can a patient use Share Everywhere to share a family member’s information?
Yes, if the healthcare organization allows it and the patient has access to the family member’s information in MyChart. For example, if a parent has proxy access to her child’s chart in MyChart, the parent can generate a share code from the child’s record and give it to the provider just like she could from her own MyChart account. The provider can see the same information the parent can see for her child.
How long can the share code recipient view the patient’s record?
The person who receives the share code can view the patient’s health information only until they log out of the Share Everywhere website. They cannot log in later and see it again unless the patient gives them another share code.
How is Share Everywhere secure?
To generate a share code, patients must be logged in to their MyChart or MyChart mobile account. When they generate a share code, it is valid only until it’s used, up to 60 minutes. To be able to see a patient’s information in Share Everywhere, the share code recipient must also know the patient’s date of birth. If this person enters the patient’s date of birth incorrectly three times, the share code is invalidated. As an additional layer of protection, the share code redemption page is protected by reCAPTCHA.
Does Share Everywhere work on all devices?
Patients can generate share codes from any computer or device with access to the MyChart website, or through the MyChart mobile app, which is supported on Android and iOS devices. Note that patients must update the mobile app to version 5.4 or higher to use Share Everywhere.
I’m a patient and I don’t see Share Everywhere in my MyChart account. What should I do?
Contact your healthcare organization if you don’t see Share Everywhere features in MyChart.
Where do notes that providers write on the Share Everywhere website go?
Notes providers write in Share Everywhere are sent back to the healthcare organization from which the patient generated the share code, where they are filed to the patient’s chart.
Can someone from the patient’s health system respond to the person who sent the note through Share Everywhere?
There is no way to respond directly through Share Everywhere, but providers are prompted to include their contact information in the notes they send so that they can be reached if needed.